Version: 3.0.12
Developer: Bob Galway
JED: http://extensions.joomla.org/extension/easyscript
License: GPLv2 or later
Type: Plugin
Paid/Pro Version: https://blackdale.com/index.php/pro-extensions/easyscriptpro


  • CSS links, Javascript URLs are properly placed.
  • JQuery/JQuery UI/JQuery Mobile may be accessed, as can the SWF-Object for Flash projects.
  • Over 1000 font/variations are available from Googles Webfont collection. Font Viewer in parameters.
  • HTTPS supported for remote scripts.
  • Joomla Update supported
  • English, French and German language localisation.

Practical Application(s):

Used for adding Google Fonts, Google Analytics and other custom JavaScripts to Joomla websites without needing to modify templates.

EasyScriptPro - $10.00 Additional features:

  • Add scripts/stylesheets on per page basis.
  • Added support for <meta/> tags
  • Embed code blocks in article content.
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